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Group Background:
The three of us are missionaries from the Divine Church of the Golden Dawn, a fundamentalist Christian group that hopes to convert the masses to its straight-laced highly structured beliefs. Our particular group is newbie missionaries that the church branch based in Vancouver has decided need to cut their teeth out in the wilds of British Columbia. They've heard rumors of a group of heathens out in the boonies just ripe for evangelization. They sent a few individuals out a while back, but heard inconclusive responses. So, they're sending out the best and brightest of the expendables.

Elsie Background:
Her mother was sick and the doctors didn't know what was wrong. Her mother still tried so hard to take care of Elsie's father and of Elsie herself. Elsie didn't make it easy, any of it--her mother wanted her to focus on religion and Elsie refused--there was so much else to do. You'll damn yourself, her mother would say. So what, Elsie would yell.

Her mother was sick and her father started drinking. He'll kill himself if you don't look after him when I'm gone, Elsie. He'll kill himself and you'll be alone and he'll be in Hell.

Those words didn't scare her enough to shape up. They just made her angry and sad.

I love you, Elsie, but please, were her mother's last words, God will not forgive him. Please. Protect him.

Elsie looked after her father, but not because her mother asked, but because she didn't want to be alone. She talked him away from the bottle again and again, kept him with her, focused, but it was becoming harder and harder. Her mother, the railroad, the depression--she thought that was all he had looming over him.

Her father killed himself and the day he was died she saw something other and monstrous in the shadows. She felt a terror unlike any and she thought that this, this was her mother being right. This was a sign of God, wrathful and damning, robbing her father from being with his wife.

That terror drove her to pick up the remnants of her life. Eventually, years down the road, she joined with the Golden Dawn and found Light instead of Darkness and felt renewed, never forgetting her past, but letting it help her in bringing others into the Light.

Name: Elsie Young
DOB: 1890
Parents: Josie and Timothy Young
1886 -- parents meet after the chaos of the Great Vancouver Fire
1890 -- born
1899 -- mother very sick
1906 -- mother dies (16)
1913 -- world-wide depression; her father commits suicide, driving her to find faith (23)
1913-1920 -- rediscovery of faith
1921 -- joins with the Golden Dawn and hopes to spread the Light that saved her; sent with two others (31)

Anti-immigration. Chinese, Sikh.
Father worked for CPR (the railway).

Name Thoughts:
Meaning of Elsie: "pledged to God"
Meaning of Ruth: "compassionate friend" -- Old Test, 1890
Meaning of Celeste: "heavenly" -- 1880

History of Vancouver
Komagata Maru incident 1914
Christian fundamentalism
Catholic Suicide 1913

Background: Religious Figure | -2 Fortune, +2 Sanity
Mind: 4 | Body: 4 | Spirit: 10
Health: 14
Sanity: 10
Fortune: 5

Mind: (4+3=7)
Psychoanalyze (5)
First Aid (1)

Body: (4+3=7)
Recovery (5)
Basic Melee (1)
Thrown Weapon (1)

Spirit: (10+3=13)
Inner Calm (5)
Dodge (3)
Calming Presence (2)

Equipment: (4+10=14/2=7-2=5)
**Basic Weapon (1)
Medicine Bag (2)
Flashlight (1)

Benefit: Dark Heritage
Elsie believes that her father was sent to Hell by as aspect of the Lord after he killed himself.
Truthfully, her parents were involved in something dark before Elsie was born. It went horrendously south and is why her mother was sick and the primary reason why her father killed himself.
...I don't know if vagueness is helpful or not with this being submitted so late.